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Dual Water Conditioner

Duo Pure & Clear

Whole house water filter for the small/average home.



Whole house water filter for the medium/large home.

TAC 10

Whole house scale protection for the small/medium home.

TAC 20

Whole house scale protection for the medium/large home.

How can a Pure Water Point system benefit you?

We specialise in selling and installing Whole House Water Systems which produce pure water filtration and increase the efficiency of your home.

We use a revolutionary new process called Template Assisted CrystallisationTAC” to not only prevent limescale but to remove any existing residue. (click here for more info)

Alongside this we add a carbon filter to improve the quality, odour and taste of your water for drinking and cooking.

View our video to see more of how a Pure Water Point system can benefit you!

We have the solution to your hard water.

Suffering with limescale? Not enjoying the taste and quality of your water and having to buy bottled?

Hard water areas are a result of two chemical elements, Magnesium and Calcium. These two minerals combined cause water spots, as well as clog up kitchen appliances, taps and shower heads, reducing their efficiency.

In areas where hard water is prominent, homeowners are spending way more on their energy bills and soap/detergent, due to the inefficiency of the pipes and appliances in their home.

The solution? A pure water point system which targets, removes and prevents this scale build up. This in turn improves the efficiency of your home and reduces heating energy consumption, saving you money in the process.

Purchased a filtered water system and boiling water tap which was installed by Billy. Really helpful guy, very professional and very tidy installation. Would highly recommend.”

David Andrews

Happy Customer

We’ve had a turbo tac water filter fitted to our home as we have extremely hard water in our area and the result has been amazing. Great product and great after sales support.

Chris Swistakowski

Happy Customer

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